Week 22

Day 99

Today was a big day. It was supposed to mark the end of the project with the installation of the kitchen worktops. But…..we are still waiting for a dishwasher, a microwave and an oven from Neff. So it continues and so does the blog.!

Some extra highlights include. A door stop for the living room door. 

A faceplate for the upstairs toilet flush.  


Sink is in!! No tap yet. That should be done tomorrow.  

Island top finally in. Took 5 blokes to get in whilst I watched on.  

Day 100

Patio is nearly finished! Looks great but it really reflects the heat so makes the back room really warm. Just as well we can open up the back of the house…..

Kitchen sink tap has been installed, not quite a simple as I would have thought, but it is in and pumping out boiling hot water on demand. Bye bye mr kettle. 



Day 101

Downstairs toilet is finally finished. 

Mosaic was supposed to add some colour but we failed and went for grey.    

Patio is nearly finished. Half the grouting is done, fence is in and lawn relaid to blend into the patio. Just need to stop next doors cat from walking dirt all over it before we seal it.   

Hob and extractor is in. Looks great and I just can’t wait to start using it!!!!


 The tower of electricity in all its glory. 

And that chair in the background is where Helen has been sitting and giving her orders from.  

Utility room is finished!! Well the naughty cupboard still needs work but the tiling around the sink has been finished off with a white gloss tile and a chrome trim. 

Day 102

Patio is finally complete and looks amazing. Just need to stop that cat from dancing all over it with muddy paws.  


Day 103

Not much happened today. I put the tv on the wall and that is about it. Need to build a shelf in the old fireplace and work out how to thread the hdmi cables through the ducting that was installed.