Week 7

Day 26

Insulation for the roof has started to go in or on top rather.  

Steels are all bricked in. The wall to the right will be coming down soon I hope.   

Fireplace is going to be ripped out to house the A.V. equipment so that it is out of sight. 


Day 27

The hall window is out and ready for a nice warm double glazed one… 

The skylight window has been moved over slightly   

New soil pipe is in and drainage from the bathroom.   
Day 28

I had to ask the builders to change the way the side part of the roof was built so that took up most of the day…. We will have a fascia on the side now rather than a solid wall. This will hide the flat roof to an extent when looking at the front of the house. 

Boxed gutter at the rear means no visible gutters on the rear of the property.   

Here we have a perfectly formed wine terrace.   

Day 29

Sofits have started to be put on.    
Hidden gutter has been built. 
Plumbing for the boiler has started.   

The rear of the house halfway through the build.   

Day 30

Room has been given a quick builders sweep. Just wait for the roof to be fitted now.   


We have a sea blue roof.  


1 thought on “Week 7

  1. Day 30 already!! It is coming on fantastically. You must be very pleased. The new space will be huge and amazing. I can’t wait to see the decor design when you get that far. What did the builder say when you asked him to move up the steel beam that is the size used by Tesco for their multi-story building?
    I am pleased that it all seems to be going well. Good luck for the next half of the project. Andrew


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