Week 17

Day 75

Today they started to lay the floor. They are first putting down Ditra matting to help stop any potential cracks. 

The kitchen was also delivered today. We have originally planned for delivery on Friday but Wren changed their minds and told us we couldn’t choose the date we wanted. So we have had to have it stored in what was kitchen/dining/living room! So we are now living in our bedroom. It should only be for a week and as we are so close to the finish line we are keeping positive about losing that room.


Day 76

Another layer down. Latex they say.    


Day 77

Down go the tiles.  


Day 78

Fridge was delivered today. It was a really tight fit so the delivery men just dumped it in the porch. If it wasn’t for our fantastic builder who came to the rescue to take the doors off and move it into the house we would have been in a spot of trouble.   

Upstairs toilet window has been replaced and a new floor has been laid. Just need to finish the grouting, skim the walls then install the new back to wall pan.   

Grouting done, and it looks amazing. 2mm spacing filed with titanium grey grout. Next the skirting, doors and kitchen. Not long now.    


Day 79

New upstairs toilet. Bye bye old pink one, it’s been a good 3yrs.    

So I guess that these mats are there to protect the floor.