Week 14

Day 60

Drive is being put back together piece by piece.    

Floors have been levelled. 


Day 61

Drive has been finished off.  


Final few touches to the porch have started.    


Day 62


Side walk way is finished ready for the cats to make their mark in the wet concrete.   I must stop calling this a garage. It’s a store! But the floor is in. Big step down though  We had a bit of a surprise when we opened the door today. It’s not blocked off anymore.   
The walk through the very tatty hall. 

Mist coat is now on and what a difference!   

Utility room


Day 63

The scaffolding is back ready to finish the roof. Store door is now blocked up. 

First coat is on. Dulux Trade, Cameo Silk 2 apparently. Hard to imagine what it will look like with the white kitchen and floor tiles.   

Look who’s back…..well not working yet but back on the wall waiting to provide some hot water again after a 13 week holiday….! 


Day 64

The front roof is finished. It will be nice when the scaffolding is down and Mr Davlav goes.   

The sink in the downstairs toilet is on the wall. 



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