Week 2

Day 5

The builders have blocked up the rear access so well I couldn’t get into the garden to take any pictures last night. But I managed to take a few before the builders started this morning after they opened it up. 

No more rear bay   

The kitchen window has been removed and the kitchen has been stripped.     

Height of the steel they need to put in.  This is one big steel! 

Day 6

So we have a load of rubble on the drive, a big hole for the main drains, a loo outside our front door


Round the back the soak away is in 

I managed to take a few snaps of what was the kitchen through the bathroom floor boards. No more boiler = no more hot water.



Day 7 

Today the drains went in


Day 8

Rain rain rain rain………… 

 Not too much progress I am afraid.

Day 9

The oversight has started to be built and the kitchen dining room wall has been knocked down. 








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