Week 11

Day 45

More concrete laid over half of the old kitchen floor.  

   The pipe sticking up is a vent for the kitchen island extractor. 
We have a new doorway to take you into the new living area. 

Day 46

Just sorted a few bits on the electrics today


Day 47

Plastering inside is finished. 


Roof at the front is underway. It is such a small section of roof yet it took so long to choose the colour of the tile.  

 Day 48

Roof painted.  



Walls have their first coat of plaster.  


Day 49

Not much was done today but this is Helen cooking at what will be our island. The island is going to be our only prep surface so we are going to make it as big as we can. We have a slight issue with the pendant lights though. Due to that massive steel I don’t think we are going to be able to get them quite in the centre of the island.  But it is looking good 


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