Week 8

Day 31

Old kitchen chimney is out. Bit messy but it is a chimney… 


This is the drain run off from the roof. It runs into the front section of the roof.   

Day 32

First fix for the electrics have gone in. 

This is where all the units and appliances will go. 

New fibreglass roof has been started. Smells a bit at the moment. 

This is our roof window. 

Day 33

Old concrete floor has gone.   
We have taken some of the hallway space to make the rear just that little bit bigger.  

Day 34

Well here you are, one fibreglass roof. Just needs some grey roof paint and they are finished.   

The fire place has been opened up nicely. Planning on leaving this open for storage. Hopefully the one in the front room will be the same and we can squeeze a log burner in. One room at a time though…..!  

This is the old larder. We are blocking up the kitchen entrance and opening it up in the new utility room.

No updates Friday. 


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