Week 18

Day 80

After the long weekend the kitchen fitter has started his monster job of finding the right cupboards to put together to build what Wren have designed for us. We are missing two key appliances due to stock shortages and unfortunately there is nothing we can do about it. We will have to sit tight for another 8 weeks for them to arrive……!!! I won’t be blogging that everyday. Cheers Wren.  


Day 81

Some big changes today with the hall being cleared of all appliances. 

Washing machine has been moved to its new home. The worktop is still to be finished over the washing machine then the sink to go in. Finally somewhere to clean my golf clubs and shoes. We are going to have to put a window sill in as it comes up pretty flush with the height of the sink.   

Firdge went in without a hitch. My builder has not failed me yet when he said he would sort it.  


Day 82

The Island has started to be built. First wine fridge is in. 

Wow a load of recycling. 

New door 

Smart space saving idea to put the cistern in the store.   

Day 83

The kitchen island is nearly complete. As is the rest of the kitchen on the back wall. 

Lights have been put in and sockets on.