Week 24

This is going to be the final week. Just really hope nothing delays these plans. 

Day 109

After a weekend cleaning the outside soffits and fascias, putting the house numbers back on the wall, trying to scrub the old brickwork clean the house is nearly at completion. We have acquired a few dining room chairs from parents which match our tesco bar stools. 

The rendering has been finished off today to the outside of the house. 

Day 110

Dishwasher was fitted today. Pendant lights went up. Grey drainpipes were installed and look really good. So much better than the black ones. The store got an initial tidy. Looking to get rid of all the rubbish, give it a good sweep and then paint the floor. Also looking at ways to hang/store my two bikes. 

Day 111

Network cables got hooked up just need to be tested but nearly there. Downstairs under cupboard door was refitted after months of neglect. We also found out that we might have to put a new larger air brick in to vent the extractor. 

We had a slight modification of the hidden gutter on the roof so that the ends drained back into the down pipe. Another job finished. 

Day 112

Day off today. 

Day 113