Week 12

Day 50 & Day 51

We have been away so the not been able to document the progress. On Monday. 

The light switches and lights are all in now.   

We have kept the same light as we had in the main part of the house. They are   JCC FGLED6 ones. In warm white if you are interested…..

Umm, hope this isn’t a new building technique.  

The spot lights are in on the overhang. We will probably look to change them to the stainless steel colour or many ask that they are painted to blend in with the the colour of the roof.  


The final coating of plastering is now on and it is looking really good. Patio is still a mess but builders are not known for being tidy. 

Day 52

Floor is now up and ready for the underfloor heating to be laid. We could not get into the rear but you get the idea   

Day 53
Not much has happened today but the plumber has fixed a few pipes up so now our hot water tap works but still no boiler, so still now hot water. 

The scaffolding at the front is also down which is great as I kept banging my head on it.  New porch will go in over the new week or so. That means a new front door and double glazed windows so hopefully this winter it will be so much warmer. 


Day 54

Just had the underfloor heating manifold installed no pictures though. 


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