Week 20

Day 89 – 93

Week 20 was a very busy one, electrician out the outside lights up, kitchen worktop was templated, washing machine plumbed in. Still so close but not yet finished. 

 New utility room sink and tap.   
Kitchen worktop being templated using a laser. 

  Floor without the black protective covers. Although we found some chips which means the whole tile needs to come out.   
We have light in the store!!

New upstairs toilet floor finished with upstands.   
New garage door and outside lights


Skirting gloss coat going on.   
Top coat on the walls as well. 

 Doors are looking good.   
The fridge in the middle of the living room. Umm. 

 The electrician has moved the location of the light on the righthand side to so that it is level with the opposite light.