Week 5

Day 19

Another big steel up above the rear doors. Only one more to go (I hope!).  



Front brick work is coming together.   

Great idea to use the walls for those technical drawings. 



Day 20

Unfortunately we lost another day due to the high winds and rain but day 20 was a productive one. 

There are only so many pictures of walls that you can take so I took a few different shots today. 

Nice to see a big hole half way up the stairs but it means the last steel is in.  

Lintels above the rear door and window are in.   

Bye bye old porch window.  

Day 21

Lots of progress today probably due to the sunshine!

Porch window is bricked in  
We have a utility room door and window and a downstairs toilet window    

Last wall is down now. Really get a feeling for the size of the room. Will also ask the builder to move the new steel up higher to get greater headroom in that area.  

Day 22

A new tier of scaffolding has gone up today. Just waiting now for the roof to be built. 



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